Styling Hijab With Hat: 4 TIPS TO GET THE LOOK RIGHT

First of all, Styling Hijab With Hat does not need to be a hit or miss.

instead, it is all about personal choice and what makes you happy. Social media is filled with different people taking fashion to the next level. We have the likes of Halima Aden breaking not only fashion boundaries but also the model industry.

I also recently saw a post by @leilakhalil.o on her blog where she styled the beret trend in a unique but modest way, there are probably numerous people like me who used to feel limited in there choices when it comes to fashion but I now know better. So, sharing these 4 tips for styling Hijab With Hat (threw in a bonus one!)

1.The Bigger The Better:

i have always wanted to style the beanie but could not get it right until i went BIGGER, always check if the hat you plan to purchase has a bigger version and if it does, get the biggest size.


2. Keep It Low

To be realistic most hats are usually one size but do not panic, all you need to do is make sure your hairstyle/Bun  is low, the days i know i will be wearing any type of hat i make sure i do flat braids or slick down my hair so that everything looks clean.


The colour of the hat will affect the outfit/hijab choice. When styling coloured hats it is better to keep the hijab black, it pops out the colour.  Wearing different colours with a coloured hat will look all over the place but we going for clean, simple and unique so choose colours wisely.


The shape of the hat also plays a role. for wide brim hats, it is better to go for the structured type and not the one that flops, I realized it is more easy to style.


Confidence will always be important, no matter what colour, shape or size you wear, BE CONFIDENT.



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