Who does not want Photo editing apps that are equipped with photoshop tools, iPhone blur feature, grains and advanced removing of an unwanted item? WELL, I DO and I am quite sure you will as well. Because they save time and money.

Of course, it took me a while to familiarize myself with the process. As the apps can be quite hard to navigate, hence, the reason why I have explained in details below.

1.SNAPSEED: So for this, it is advisable to first start with the  “TUNE IMAGE” option on the app. This is because there a whole lot of features on it. And in order not to overwhelm oneself, it is best to learn from the simplest to the hardest.

-TUNE IMAGE TOOL: Snapseed brightness, exposure, and saturation tools are the best basic photo editing tools. Therefore, to use these functions, just slide right to increase the effects or left to decrease.

-BRUSH TOOL:  The dodge&burn brush is useful for controlled brightening/darkening of any area in a picture. Reducing the brush to a number  like -5 will darken any area and +5 will brighten any area.

-HEALING TOOL: Snapseed makes getting rid of pimples and unwanted objects very easy and clean.

Snapseed should be the first photo editing app to download due to amazing basic editing tools.

2. FACETUNE: All flatlay queens and kings, GET IN HERE!

In my opinion, this app is the ultimate GO-TO for selfies and flatlays. Because, it make little details pop.

-THE WHITEN TOOL: Retouched selfies look realistic when the whites are pronounced. This tool will bring out the white.

-THE SMOOTH TOOL: The smooth tool is my favorite for blurring out spots and pores.

– The DETAIL TOOL: Do you want to increase your glow from 10 to 100? Then this tool should be your best friend!

-but the BEST TOOL IS the filters tool: Click filters, go to lighting and press. It automatically knows areas to be brightened but also do not affect the blacks!

Facetune is the perfect photo editing app for flatlays, selfies and making details like highlight pop.

3. PICSART: Picsarts brought out the creative side I didn’t know I had!

Not only that, it gave new meaning to picture collage. This app includes blur dupe to the iPhone blur feature.

– COLLAGE: Stitch pictures together in a creative way using the collage tool.

-EDIT: The border adds colorful borders around pictures

-Blur: Picsart has the easiest blur tool compared to other apps because it automatically separates the main subject from the background.

To blur – Go to edit and click fx effects. Click blur and the BLUR OPTIONS; reduce the blur to 5. Click the erase button at the top which brings out a people icon at the bottom – select the button and voila! You have Iphone sorry BLURRED background!

If the effect is too much just use the erase option and remove the unwanted blurred part.

PicsArt has numerous tools which I don’t even know how to use yet. So just play around. Feel free to share how you use it down below  (leave a comment).

4. AFTERLIGHT: Right here is the OG app. It was the app for moody/minimalism theme on Instagram. However, it is my new favorite app. Especially for adding grains or light streaks to pictures.

-ADJUST: The adjust icon which you need to get by scrolling right adds the best grains to pictures.

-LIGHT STREAKS/GRAINS: This tool is for the interesting grains, the grains of LIFE get it?! Hahahaha.

AFTERLIGHT grains of life can appear on your picture by clicking the square with stripes icon. As such, it brings different options called DUSTY AND LIGHT STREAKS; click it and add to your pictures.

5. DARKROOM: A mobile powerhouse that turns green to grey. Supports my dream of owning a preset and equipped with photoshop tools, YOU NEED THIS!

DESATURATE: A fun way to remove green from a picture is by clicking the 3 intersected circle then pick the color to desaturate. Saturation should be reduced for the removal of color green.

Darkroom allows saving the edits used for a picture in order to apply to another picture.

After playing with the colors and curves, go to the second icon beside the crop tool and select create filter. Then the edits used in the current picture will be saved.


6. UNFOLD still feels new to me but I have to give it credit for allowing creative stitching of pictures and videos. Videos can also be combined with captions under or on the videos.




  1. Naomi
    April 16, 2018 / 7:42 am

    I have read thousands of photo editing apps on diff blogs,but by far, this is hands down my its so detailed,so much energy in this post…You deserve some accolades😙

    • April 16, 2018 / 8:07 am

      Wow thank you so much for the feedback

  2. Cmc
    April 17, 2018 / 9:39 am

    Thank you fo sharing

  3. Lanre
    April 18, 2018 / 10:46 am

    Write up 💯. Detailed.
    I use the default phone app for edits, outside that, it’s snapseed and VSCO.
    Well done. 👍🏽

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