Life Update: 5 Things Making Me Happy again; Favorite App, Instagram Alogrithim and New camera

Hi guys, how are you all? Today I will be sharing life updates and little things make me Happy.

I know it has been a while since I blogged but the break was really needed. Being a blogger or content creator is a mental work. It can be mentally exhausting creating content, hence why it’s necessary to take time to relax, recharge and be present.

Life Update: 5 Things Making Me Happy again; Favorite App, Instagram Alogrithim and New camera

Let’s travel down memory lane to this post here on the trial and tribulations of a new blogger (LOL, this post was really dramatic), well, this is an update.

Human beings are ever-changing. But, the biggest change that has happened to me is my level of reasoning. Really, the way I think positively and reasonably these days makes me Happy and the world more of a better place.

Most importantly, I have developed the courage to take the next step on executing some awesome ideas on my mind. So, I am Happy to share the little things that have uplifted my spirits and resulted in an abundance of joy. 

Can you please share an update on your well-being including the things making you Happy regardless of how little it might seem? I will love to read them below.

Let’s dive straight into the updates:

1.My New Blog Layout

My blog got THE MAKEOVER! And frankly, writing this right now, my heart is beating faster. I have tears in my eyes with butterflies in my tummy. You will think I am thinking of the love of my life but NO, it’s just my blog.

Yes, I am well aware that it is just a BLOG, however for the longest time, it was a source of worry.

A huge problem was the hideous layout plus it was strenuous to navigate. Nevertheless, everything is much better now.

The homepage looks amazing ESPECIALLY on a laptop. I have a contact page (Go ahead and ask me ANY question), A shop my favorites page – if you ever wonder where I get clothes and makeup or what I am loving right now.

Anyways, if you allow me, I can keep rambling on and on about my new blog layout, but we still have to talk about the Bloggers Nightmare below, so just check it out later.

2. I  stopped caring about Instagram or BRANDS

Social media has turned into a nightmare for bloggers. Imagine creating contents, not to even mention the effort put into curating. Still, at the end of it all, it is not delivered to the intended audience.

Instagram is now the horrible controlling boss we all hate but need to get money. He demands you to always post to beat the algorithm, create outrageous content to be viral, go the extra length to be really engaging or just not stress yourself and pay him money just so your picture can get 200 likes. This is EXHAUSTING!

NO, I refuse to allow Instagram get me down, I refuse to be plagued by thoughts of engagement along with numbers all the time even in my sleep! Besides, Nobody can stress me for my mother.

Instead, all the worries will be directed into creating the best quality content. The motto now is QUALITY. I will only push out contents that are beneficial with less focus on “posting 3 times a day” contents that are not beneficial.

3. My Canon Camera

The Nikon vs canon debate has been the never-ending debate over the centuries. Although I am not an expert; but should I give my 2 cents on which camera is better or which one to buy based on personal experience? Let me know in the comment section.

It has been 5 months since I got my canon camera but it has not been smooth sailing using the camera.  The former camera I used before the canon was Nikon.  So, learning to use canon is like learning to walk again because the two brands are similar but different. And this learning process showed in the quality of my pictures.

However, Happy, I am finally getting the hang of things through constant practice. Now, I take any and every picture, especially flat lays (rate below my flat lay skills).

Life Update: 5 Things Making Me Happy again; Favorite App, Instagram Alogrithim and New camera

Life Update: 5 Things Making Me Happy again; Favorite App, Instagram Alogrithim and New camera

4. Editing Apps

Discovering amazing editing apps makes me Happy. The unfold app with its amazing frames and collage gives me happiness. Check here for other great apps that makes me happy.

Life Update: 5 Things Making Me Happy again; Favorite App, Instagram Alogrithim and New camera

Made with unfold

5. Family

This post was written while I was away from my family and wow, families can heal. Good food, being around constant love mixed with annoyance with a sprinkle of shouting added will surely heal you (especially the food). I am Happy guys. I can’t explain how light I feel but I just laugh always these days, worry less and fill myself to the brim with love and light.

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Thank you for reading and don’t forget to subscribe. Love you all



  1. May 29, 2018 / 1:08 pm

    Haaa!!! My dear, I was almost getting bothered with the instagram issue too because brands were reaching out and I felt I urgently needed to grow my audience.. thank God for school… I gave up before I knew it; I cannot come and die… now I just compile photos through an app that automatically posts them for me. While I concentrate on my blog. Meanwhile I have never owned a Nikon but I have a feeling canon would be better…
    you seem to be in your happy place, May more things cause you to be happy🙏🏽

    • May 29, 2018 / 1:42 pm

      I can understand that feeling but it is best to not just be bothered but instead, face your blog. Thank you

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