Took a style lesson in Paris Fashion and here is the result

The love I have for Paris fashion is turning to obsession. I find their country and language so sexy that I had to take a French language course. Although this didn’t progress more than 3 weeks, I can still say a few phrases like ”je t’aime” which means I love you (hahaha).

However, the love keeps growing and has spilt unto my Instagram feed where all I look out for every day is some Parisian fashion inspiration. Just to point out, I didn’t go to a proper school to learn Parisian fashion, it all happened on Instagram.

Took a style lesson in Paris Fashion and here is the result

The lesson process on Instagram went like: consume Parisian fashion every day = pull together different ideas and knowledge acquired =  and award myself a task(a style EXAM) to recreate a Parisian Fashion Outfit.

As such, both myself and you will be judging this look on whether I learned well and also if I can pass off smoothly as a Parisian Fashionista.

Paris generally exudes all forms of fashion. We are talking about relaxed, elegance, effortless, classic, chic and dreamy styles. Thus, we will be scoring this outfit against all that subpoints (lolzzzzz). So, let’s break it down(watch the breakdown…get it…drake gods plan…get it yet?)

The flowing jacket: Most Fashions in Paris are often relaxed. Something like chic clothes with an emphasis on detail.  This dreamy flowing kimono jacket can be otherwise described as a “Relaxation Vibe”. I believe I got it right for the jacket.

Took a style lesson in Paris Fashion and here is the result

Additionally, the not so many but deep details on the jacket like the sleeve detailing and the prints make it very elegant. Therefore, I will be scoring it a solid 9/10 for the jacket!

Inner fit: The jacket is bold as a result I paired it with a neutral inner fit. Neutral colours like white are universally known as clean and minimal fashion. The goal was to achieve that in this fit but I don’t think I pulled it off.

The paints choice should have been a well-tailored white pant, which would have made it the style look crisper. Regardless, I will give the inner fit a 6/10.

Took a style lesson in Paris Fashion and here is the result

The accessories: A Parisian Fashion Stylist said ‘it is the attention and emphasis on little things that differentiate Paris Fashion”. Accessories are an important part of Paris fashion; from their necktie to lovely ways of tying their scarves or the super chic glasses perched on their pointed nose. No one does accessories like the Parisian. But did my accessories choice get it right, well I think so?

I replaced my famous black scarves with a vintage print scarf and tied it around my neck then topped it off with a chic small frame glasses. The fur bag is my style voice in the outfit. Therefore, I know my accessories are a solid 8/10.

Took a style lesson in Paris Fashion and here is the result

The shoes: Finally, the deal breaker. Okay guys, did this shoe make or break this outfit?

For me, it complemented it very well! Parisians love comfort likewise they want it to be elegant and spontaneous. Most times, they prefer comfortability in their choice of clothes and shoes.

They love flats but their feet are clad in uniques flats. My choice of shoes is paying homage to the effortlessness of the french. A black kitten heel mules topped with a bow sure do scream elegant, chic and Paris fashion. Thus, shoe choice…a 10/10!

So we did it. We have successfully examined my knowledge onParisiann fashion and the total grade is a…7/10!! While I think I pulled off the Parisian vibe, I think I have too much going for the Parisian simple fashion.

What do you think? Did I pass or fail the exam – Grade me and leave the mark below.

Took a style lesson in Paris Fashion and here is the result



  1. July 17, 2018 / 10:18 am

    This is definitely a Pass. Parisian style is mostly street style which involves a lot of easy breezy like this kimono, statement side purse definitely like the fur bag and that shoe says Paris. This isn’t flattering you nailed the whole look.

    Let me mention that you did it so well that if you take off that kimono you’d be one hawt Bella Hadid on Paris street in Fashion Week. So all you outfit combo screams Parisian street style.

    • July 17, 2018 / 1:35 pm

      Hehehehe, thank youuu. I am glad i did well🤗

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