AFWLONDON: Are We Getting The Respect We Deserve?

Hi guys,
Over the weekend, I attended the Africa Fashion Week (AFWLONDON) event with my friend – Maryam Salam of Fashion by Daisy. The founder of the BloggerPoint – 1st Bloggers Agency in Nigeria. It was a great event that was solely about showcasing African designers and their clothing line. But, if you follow my Instagram you will realize that a lot of surprising scenarios happened to both myself and my friend.
In summary, there was no proper organization made by the AFWLONDON event planners especially towards accommodating the influencers and VIPs they invited. Actually, it got quite shocking when the receptionist started questioning us about who we were or the brand we were representing.  They delayed us at the entrance because of the press pass; although, after all the questions were answered, the press pass was later released to us.

The AFWLONDON event emulated the usual “African time” which was really disappointing. The seating arrangement had no indication or sign that will distinguish the reserved area for VIP personalities. Thus, we eventually sat down at the press area. However, before the event started proper, a lady approached us; clearly one of the AFWLONDON event coordinators and in front of everyone told us (my friend and I) to stand up for some VIPs. She offered no apology for their inappropriate approach and gave no explanation as to why we had to forgo our seats.

Could she have done it differently or given them another seat, definitely!. Regardless, the approach was extremely embarrassing, unprofessional and improper.
This got me thinking real deep. If we had not known our value and worth, we would not have recognized the act of disrespect tailored at us. And that is the problem with disrespect, it is often done so indirectly that sometimes you won’t recognize it. It could emanate from friends that keep exploiting our love and care for them.
Perhaps, it could even be from your spouse whom never factor your feelings into the equation. Or, it could be from your place of work who are constantly finding faults in your dealings due to one thing or another.  Sometimes, it could be from brands that give no credit for your efforts and just simply want to use your platform to promote themselves without any regard for you.
How do you rise above it? It is high time we all realize our worth and have respect for ourselves. Your worth will make you spot exploitation, disrespect camouflaged as opportunities and give you strength to disassociate yourself from the situation. The time to SPEAK up is now as we are the FUTURE. The fact that a brand or company is really known isn’t enough reason for us to conform to any form of disrespect. CHANGE starts with us!
For instance; Jackie Aina (a woman of color YouTuber) started speaking up about how makeup companies do not cater to women of color- and fortunately, brands have started creating more products that are suitable for the woman of color. It doesn’t matter if you are upcoming and don’t want to lose opportunities as a result of voicing out. It is the foundation you lay or principles you set for yourself that will influence how others will regard you. This can be applied to every area of our lives; with families, friends, and colleagues. Things will never change if we keep silent in fear.

In conclusion

Finally, we also have to realize that the work of God in our life is never complete. If you lose out on an opportunity be rest assured He will multiply it by thousands more. In fact, a lot of time we think if I don’t stick with this job or take this opportunity, I will never get another chance. In all reality, more favor and blessings in abundance are yet to be explored.
Hopefully, you have benefited something from this post. Thank you.
Love, Idayat Sanni.
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  1. Abibat Sanni
    August 14, 2017 / 5:50 pm

    I think you just really need to speak up for yourself all the time and always stand your ground. It might not be easy but at the end of the day it would worth it . You look amazing 😻😻😻😻

  2. Nosirudeen Omorolake Nobilah
    February 25, 2018 / 11:06 am

    My friend longest time dear,may God almighty bless you abundantly and all your endeavors will be achieved (Amen)

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