Eid Series: 4 Reasons You May be Stopping Your Blessings

A lot of times we hit a hurdle in our life. I am currently facing so many hurdles that I have never encountered. Frankly, I have realized that not only does it messes you up mentally but it affects one spiritually and emotionally. The feeling that you can’t get anything right despite trying so hard to make things work. Sometimes actually some of these things happen because of us and through our actions. I had to evaluate myself critically by stopping the things listed below in order to open myself to more blessings.

Fear: I recently moved to a new environment which obviously came with its own challenges. Initially, I had been so used to a specific way of dealing with my fears but finding myself in the midst of something entirely different really took me with great shock. I got really scared of the term “CHANGE”. School became really hard to deal with as well as interacting smoothly with people became very tedious. Not only was I harboring fear in my mind but also lead to. self-doubt.

Self-doubt: Questions like “who are you”, “can you even achieve anything” revolve around your thoughts. In all reality, when you self-doubt yourself despite the various opportunities given by the universe, you will be scared to give it a trial. This is because you feel you won’t succeed. Like they say, “there is power in words”. So, I started uttering positive sayings. More like “I will”, “I can”, “I have”.

Friends: There is great power in the kind of people you surround yourself with. I had to really evaluate the gathering I welcomed into my space. The difference between your true friends and acquaintances is quite massive.Choose wisely those that you regard as your support system. A lot of times, we get scared of being alone or rather we aren’t self-sufficient enough. This fear eventually results in entertaining people that always discourage and mislead you. These sets of people care more about what you do that makes them happy. Having those type of friends are toxic and definitely, I bridged the gap.

God: Everyone struggles with faith and our relationship with God. There was a period I had my own struggle but with prayer, things got eventually better. There is power in praying, worshipping and, having a good relationship with your God. Also, whatever thoughts of doubts in respect to your Lord should be ditched. Believe earnestly that He listens always.

Lastly, after evaluating myself critically and later coming to terms with the reality that I had most of these problems in my life. And I had to do a self-cleanse of myself to get rid of the toxic energy.

On to you guys, are you blocking your progress and success?

I really hope you have benefited one thing or the other from this post. Thank you.

Love, Idayat Sanni.




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